Thursday, February 17, 2011

inviting bids for repairing my head!!

its like a wrongly made clock. ya, i m talking about my head. it runs in the wrong direction, never accurate too. it simply contemplate on some silly points for hours and days together. of course, it comes to conclusions too. bt then is easily pushed into some other ponderings, always a state of dilemma.
this is my problem, in its simplest form. do i have a problem? not sure. bt i need to clean up my head and need a nap bereaved of these worries.
so i m looking for a technicnian for the purpose. if u find someone bold enough to withstand the wuthering weather, pls send to me.


  1. ninte thala clean cheyyan njan oru thottiye ayakkaam..

  2. സ്വന്തം തലയെ കുറിച്ച് ബോധമുള്ളത് നല്ലതാട്ടൊ...

  3. thala nallathaa. avasanam thalavedanayavaruth